hello all,
wanted to share a few of the pieces i’ve read and very much enjoyed in the last week/month or so, from a variety of subjects.

Local/Current issues (San Francisco)

When a Neighborhood Says No to Bike Share
+ link: citylab.com
+ by Andrew Small, based in D.C.
+ 5 minute read
“I believe there is space for both a strong robust thriving Latino Cultural District and access to mobility. So the question is, ‘How can we do this in a way that maximizes that access to opportunity?’ (Culsich-Schwartz says) … ”

Safe Spaces of Desire: Advertisements in the Nineteenth-Century Fashion Press of Berlin, Paris, and New York
+ link: fashionstudiesjournal.org
+ by Roxandra Looft PhD, and long-time blog friend 🙂
+ 10-15 minute read
“ … By reading these ads as a whole rather than as individual messages neatly sectioned into separate squares we are better able to arrive at our point of departure: reading these ads from a distance that allows us to see them as pieces of a whole; as both prescriptive and descriptive, and as suggestive of a more complex narrative regarding the intersection of gender, class, consumption, and fashion.”

‘Detroit’ tells story of the ’67 riots only without black women
+ link: theundefeated.com
+ by Jemelle Hill
+ 8-10 minute read

Photography/Upcoming exhibition (Los Angeles)
Q&A Graciela Iturbide talks about going viral, L.A. cholos and shooting Frida Kahlo’s bathroom
+ link: LATimes.com
+ By Carolina A. Miranda
I was so-very lucky enough to see Graciela in person, she gave a lecture at the art institute on chestnut street, a few years ago. she is superb.
A new book about her comes out this september. check out the cover. so cool.

Review: Flor De Toloache, ‘Las Caras Lindas’
+ link: npr.org
+ by Marisa Arbona-Ruiz^ foto taken by me, they recently played and fully enacptivated the SFJazz venue crowd with their talented melodies, and tremendous vocal cords. hechizadoras!

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Any good articles you’ve come across lately?
Have a great weekend everyone × M.