this morning on mi way to work
i unintentionally forgot mi phone at home
love when that happens,
i do.
must be the effect of waking up stiff as a board
with patas..

paper, imagine, write, talk, meditate.
paper. computer. pixels pixels pixels.
a few phone numbers i know by memory
others, written down.

days ago i crossed the international border in a vehicle twice
once alone
for the first time since 45th
the vibe is heavy.
the air, and fear,
i just can barely carry.

i missed mi cat velcro deeply
only for a few days, i know
had the chance to meet an adorable tijuana coffee shop cat
her name is linda,
what a friendly kitty.

linda the cat

linda the cat

i had a breakfast with a close and loved relative
the tensions and worries from neighboring countries
holding hands in sunlight, brightness,
and quite tighter in the dark.

spent time with mi favorite high schooler
youth is so difficult, yet so beautiful. mostly.
introduction to poetry, high school literature
what a time to be open
to discover, devour the world.

resist, read, recharge, rest, organize, repeat.



la stazione coffee, colonia cacho + tijuana


highway mural: human condition, in crisis + tijuana.

cafe riochia 7

bugambilias in colonia castillo + tijuana.

mi fave tree en la colonia cacho

bend not break.
one of mi favorite trees +tijuana

san ysidro

viva la vagancia + san ysidro

ese joker

+ tijuana +

velcro lit

velcro lit. returned home to this month’s new yorker cover💘