it has been a couple of years since mi mucha música Monday series came to a conclusion. it was a little weekly musical dose of stuff that i came across or jammed to that week.

so wanted to get share these three gems with you. hope you like them as much as i did 🙂

1 × ¡ADORABLE! soy yo by bomba estéreo:

2 × THIS GIRL knows a good recipe for a video. HOT.
lonely lover by xenia rubinos:

3 × GRIEF this is dark and sad as it is tremendously deep. i knew about nick cave’s loss but had no idea he had this project. just tremendous

h/t stevil 

—“What happens when an event occurs that is so catastrophic, that you just change? you change from the known person, to an unknown person.”

first single, full video:

i was floored. this is so deep.
ps. the album is screeining on thursd 9/8. see cities showing one more time with feeling here