hope your weekend was restful and surrounded by things you consider peaceful, chaotic, delicious, or any combination of the three. i found jesus. i was able to recharge batteries, walked more than a few miles, drank lots of coffee y caught up on some reading.

here are four links i’d like to share with you, and a book update:


Is urban cycling worth the risk? by the Financial Times
This article provides great points I hadn’t precisely thought about in that perspective, it provides plenty of facts –though many focused in London– but certainly applicable to any big city. I loved the illustrations as well.

Just Keep Pedalling, Or How To Get Started (Commuting) With Clipless Pedals by stacy-marie ishmael
Love her Preamble. Everyone has various methods, plans and experiences regarding clipless pedals however one things is guaranteed: you will fall. and that is OKAY. 🙂

What San Francisco Says About America by Thomas Fuller
A Foreign Correspondent Comes Home, Delighted and Bewildered …

Laurie Hernandez Is Puerto Rican, Whether Anyone Agrees Or Not by Sarina Morales | ‘You can’t win. Either you’ve integrated yourself too much or not enough.’
great article and discussion-igniter on identity and language. i, personally speak two languages fluently. i, have many peers to whom this article hits home quite closely. language (lack of one or the other, or another) makes them no less of what+how they culturally identify themselves. ps. i love laurie so SO much!


“…The sky grew darker, painted blue on blue, one stroke at a time, into deeper and deeper shades of night.” —Murakami. Dance Dance Dance (1994).
Great soft interlaced read so far, quite poetic if you play close attention. This is the second Murakami piece i read with a recurring theme in a pivotal character plot: teenage girl. i should finish it tonight after hitting Publish on the magic device connected to the webs, known as personal computer.

new yorker illustration by antony huchette https://www.instagram.com/p/BJ8Nsc4gYGm/?taken-by=newyorkermag

new yorker illustration by antony huchette ++ cute video of his illustrations for that issue here.

September and the virgos, quite a ride.
Have a great week ahead.