IMG_20160814_191254playas de tijuana, mexico. the tide was particularly high a sunday afternoon in august, at its peak of summer and before school session begins. the malecón (boardwalk) was the busiest i had seen it since the 90’s.. lots of vendors on bikes/front-trikes.

IMG_20160814_191603new colorful mural, playas de tijuana, mexico.

IMG_20160814_191532 IMG_20160814_191558“take care of the sea”

while mi relatives and i walked a couple of miles along the sea waiting for the sun to set, and making a few stops here and there while talking, drinking iced coffee, ice cream and sitting anywhere to take a quick break, we ran into a woman who did wire-arts with little cute bikes. about the size of your palm.
i was a bit reserved and coy to take her picture and her master pieces, i told her what a great craft and so cool, and we kept walking.
a couple of days after that sunday stroll in playas de tijuana, i was surprised by one of mi nephews as he had purchased one of the lady’s pieces that sunday, for me to bring home. two years ago. he also gave me the cat drawing to the right in the picture below,  two years ago when i found a very groovy pencil set at utretch. quiet, and moody to most, i think he is very special, talented and observant 😉

this is so special, i am a lucky aunt. <3