hola all!  july marks the eight anniversary of bikes and the city.
welcome, and/or welcome back.

BATC turns eight

a nice steep walk with a view. looking eastbound, from the local gem ina coolbrith park –in russian hill.

i first thought about starting a blog while riding mi bike back to berkeley from eating lunch at arizmendi pizza, adjacent to pixar hq. i constantly found interesting things on mi commute rides, so i wanted to share everything i came across with, while riding mi bike.

in 2008, i worked at the coolest little studio of 4 designers. we did most of the print collateral for peet’s coffee, then the crash of 2008 happened. i used to send emails to friends with info y fotos about bikes, art, and coffee; until i joined the blogesphere via flickr – both in full swing at the time. it was super fun to find that hub.

the first post came from a quick photo i snapped with mi small cannon point-and shoot (2megs and 30 seconds video, no audio!) while riding alongside the embarcadero with this rider. quickly after that, just like the bee-girl in the blind melon video, i connected with tons of bikey peers, coffee, and fashion enthusiast around the web, and the world. bliss.

i have been fortunate to meet lots of local groovy people online throughout the years –a few have become great friends– and many outside the country, even. several are still in touch, and we send notes and hellos from time to time.

i lost mi brother in 2011. a part of me left with him.
it has been difficult, extremely sad to say the least, a life event that really has no words. but with continuos loving support of family and friends, therapy, somehow here we are. forever learning. i have yet to be emotionally strong to get on mi bicycle again. i’m not sure how or if, it will ever happen.

i am a visual person and i consider myself+mi mind to have an engrained artistic perspective that cannot be stopped. i love to stop and observe the world.
although i have minimally posted in the last few months or perhaps years, i have decided to not shut this site down. instead, did a full update on the platform tools in hopes to continue its trajectory.
i have found wonderful people at mi place of work and we have an active lunch-hour sketchers group. it is quite fulfilling to disconnect from our desks and draw, so chill. i am very grateful.

hope you are taking good care of yourself, this is a crazy 2016 hurricane of times. and i look forward to maintain this platform as a creative outlet.

say hi sometime. thanks for reading!

ps. hope you enjoy the new format. caroline aka little package is the magician behind the scenes and i’m so satisfied w/the update and so lucky to have found her, via stevil. i’m still a wordpress rookie so some things may be wonky from time to time.
i may soon start messing w/some of its template colors, features etc. 🙂