A fine Friday evening at the ballpark with the girlfriends, and one of their husbands 🙂

béisbol, babes, beer × oakland a's nite.
béisbol, babes, beer × oakland a's nite.
I finally got the nerve to ask my favorite sax player for a photo, he is a staple and a gem to hear at the Oakland/Coliseum Bart station (which also connects to the OAK airport).
Mi cell phone is not the ideal to take face images with that magic hour glare, but I’m thinking of making a drawing of him and giving it to him. I think he’d like it.

<a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/meligrosa/19171800833/in/dateposted-friend/" title="great time w the girlfriends<img alt="great time w the girlfriends

Have a great weekend ×