I am deeply sadden, angry, and without words each and every time that I learn of another fatal accident has happened. Bike, pedestrian, it is a LIFE.
Beyond trucks, bikes, helmets debates there is A LOT to be improved and done for PEOPLE. People who walk and people who ride bikes and their safety, as well as people behind a wheel being responsible at all times in a vehicle. As humans: seconds of distraction, impatience, carelessness MATTER.

I think about what her family and loved ones are going through. It is something I DO NOT wish to no one, no one ever. to go through. EVER.

This affects all of us in the walking and bicycle community.
My thoughts and prayers are with her family, and anyone that knows the intensity and deep sadness of sudden premature loss.

Life is fragile, be safe out there – please.

Woman on Bike Killed by Truck Driver on Folsom August 14, 2013

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