Not sure why I get this catalogue since I have not once shopped there.
$6,000 copper bike. Wonder if this on that anthroparodie blog yet?

6K copper bike

It’s pretty, sure. But who buys bikes from a catalogue of overpriced dresses and dishes?
6K could instead go towards purchasing a bike from fine bicycles made in the USA +have plenty left for an investment in your education (the best of investments!), charity, savings.
That would not only be brilliantly green, but rather brilliantly smart.

6K copper bike

To be honest, I thought it was a miniature bici desk piece like Panchito (below) or a tree ornament.
Meet Panchito

I attempt to briefly extend the lives of lonely and often ignored paper catalogues by letting Velcro ninja surf super pounce on those dismissed recycling archives. No catnip, no problem.
noisy paper, will surf.

Well, anyways.
+Thanks to Ramona for the swan bike illustration reminder, the golden bike has come to life and it is Dutch 🙂

DIY golden spray paint projects are waiting to happen..
Any comments or thoughts my wise shoppers, what do you think?