Rough 22 months.
A tremendous roller coaster of grieving, emotions, post-30isms, new career path. New, old, lost friendships. Moving, hair, past, future and somewhere in there I decided to return to this blog.

I had considered this journey done and over with for about a year. And that’s OK.
I almost didn’t ride my bike and unsure of when or if I ever will. And that’s OK.

Sharing photos, observations. And minute pieces of me.
A different take on life. An indubitably different perspective.
Thank you for reading, thank you stopping by.

To see parts of the city, Velcro, caffeine, to read.
Whatever it is that keeps you coming back.
Sudden explorations with often short and concise observations.

I hope it is inspiring to you, and that it sparks curiosity into creativity in your surroundings, making your day a better moment. A better memory.

Grateful for what a beast and a dove of its own 2012 was, and that it is almost over.
Happy holidays and wish you all a grand new year 2013.

See you sometime in January.
Gracias, Meli.