a different type of love
A different type of love.
Lady scales.
Le ballon rouge
Le ballon rouge.
Loyal to royal.
 ++All above shots taken in the Tenderloin++

– – – –
The look
 The look.
Pizza time.
Coffee break
Coffee break y Sunday paper.
 ++All above shots taken in Pac Heights++

– – – –
Generation barefoot
Generation barefoot.
 ++In the Mission++

I have been playing around with the new camera. All of the above shots were shot with my Lumix LX5, mostly playing with the aperture settings. I have taken many in B/W mode, as I am slowly learning to use the white balance, and all those smaller manual adjustments. 

What do you think? I’ve enjoyed it plenty so far – it is quite distracting for the mind and therapeutic, a tad more than it used to be, and that is a good thing for me right now.

Thanks for reading ♥xxom