After spending some time with Velcro, mi beloved beautiful cat, we came to terms.
She promised me not to give Frenchie the slashing-tires treatment, since I got new rubber. Deal.

2011-01-14 22.49.51

Last week I finally got both new tires, altogether. Many thanks for all your recommendations, I really appreciate it =)
As an extension of my persona, it is quite complicated keeping up with the Frenchie, with the exception that I am not French… at any rate, the ratio of the rear can get away with being 27 x1/4 so I got the Continental Gator and for the front it has to be a 27 x1/8 due to the complication of the spacing between the basket base, the front fender and the brake.Well anyways. We are once again Polk street-ready.
This time the nice young men at the Sports Basement (I’m a huge fan of their open-late hours) took good care of Frenchie. Photographed below is Thai-Son. Sup!

nip tuk
Working on a purple Peugeot.

+ + + + + + 

The top photo was taken with my phone.

The two from the bike shop, taken with the Lumix LX5 — new camera I am just starting to figure out.

New year, new gadgets. I’m stoked =)