There are some photos and events I didn’t get to publish last year, I will post them in the next few weeks of the new year so, some kind of quasi-review of 2010.

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renegade frenchie
The obligatory banner-Frenchie shot. I now have a gazillion of these.

The Holiday Renegade fair was fun and as always full of cute overloads. My camera was almost dying so I got to snap some photos. I got to hang out with my handsome Hambone Design peeps at first, then wandered around to see what new shops and findings I encountered.

semi-wet rain panda
Rain panda
On my way there, it had just stopped raining.
always someone admiring the mural
There is always someone admiring that fun mural
concourse needs racks

A serious issue here is the bike parking situation. Racks, lack thereof. I recall using the front one for a couple of events (by the 8th street entrance) and for the rest such as the Green festival, I recall having the Bike parking valet SFBC service. Are there not enough events here to have a sufficient amount of bike racks, did I totally missed them, or does the management of the concourse not know/nor maybe has not decided to get in touch with 311 (Link: Request a bike rack!) to get those racks installed? Seeing how easy would be to cut some of the cables of beautiful bikes attached to fences or very weak hand rails, brakes my bike heart to even think that thieves thrive for these situations. Us bikers are a crafty bunch, there was an invasion of bikes creativly parked all around 7th/8th Brannan. I parked at the corner of Room and Board, closer to Townsend.
What is going on here concourse, allow more bike racks!!
Moving along –

The ladies of Fabric Horse, from Philly. How AWESOME is that fluorescent handbag?! 
I’m in love. But I also know I dont need another bag…. la lalalalalala.
hip bike posters
hip bike posters, cool cats from ELAY. and I don’t know what the ginger discount is all about.
jersey maker from san diego
Skulls and other cool women-line jerseys, made by a woman based out ofSan Diego, Calif.
tom girl shop
Tom girl shop. Isn’t she adorable?! she is super nice =)
I also loved the guys that had the gigantic octopus helmet-pillow thing, does anyone know the name of that shop. 

They were so funny.

 Later in the evening, I met an enthusiastic young man and his camera, and he so nicely asked if he could take my photo (Thank you!! It gets on my nerves when I catch people I don’t even know trying to be sneaky, well – I also snap a million photos of people, but you know what I mean those lurker types…not cool). I said yeah of course. He told me I was the most eccentric gal in the building. Mmmh ok, if he thinks so. LOL

yo, at the Renegade fair.
Photo taken by Deo | Credit(C)Deowaves

Til next time Renegadettes!!