I’d like to share this super nice story this morning, because we all see each other every morning on our bikes, on our way to work, sharing the same streets in our various choices and ways of transportations, heading to mulitple places for different reasons.
My bike buddy and longtime blog reader Butter Bill, has this bright story to share with us all:

Time: 8:04am
Place: Embarcadero bike/pedestrian pathway near the bow and arrow at Embarcadero and Folsom Street

I was riding to work this morning and a young gal (I would say in high school, as she had a blue hoodie that said some local school’s soccer team) had her BMX bike upside down along with a bloodied right elbow was frantically trying to get her chain back on the chainring.

I stopped and asked if she needed help and she was on the cell phone with her older sister trying to walk her thru the steps.

I proceeded to get off my bike and fiddled with the chain for a bit and got it back on AND I gave her a band-aid for her cut elbow.

She said I made her day and asked if she could give me a hug and I said, “Sure.” And then I rode off into the sunrise and am now here at work.

– Bill

photo shared by Bill  
 Butter bill's poem
I’d also like show off this beautiful poem by Silvi (the Poetry Store), I find it quite fitting! She is always spot-on in such a beautiful and unique way. And also watch out for the Giant jersey on the road, below is his latest bike jersey purchase. Very cool!

Thanks Bill for always sharing your infamous butterlap maps +your triathlon adventures!