Saturday: Supermarket street sweep -at noon

“The Supermarket Street Sweep is an annual bike race that benefits the San Francisco Food Bank! For the past four years, hundreds of participants have zipped around the city to local supermarkets and brought back thousands of pounds of food to donate to this wonderful charity.”

info +details  here: link

Saturday: santacon -begins at 10am

Santa is in town. And couldnt park the raindeers.
Also santacon is this Saturday. Anyone going?!

Sunday: Winterfest!! 6-10:30PM

Poster my favorite bicycle psycho cat, local fantastico artist Hugh D’Andrade
This year there is even a Pashley from mi favorite bike shop in the northside Citizen Chain. +about 20 bikes for silent auction. +much more. Way coool. 
Remeber, there is always the outstanding valet parking service so you don’t have to worry about your beloved machine.
I super ♥’s winterfest!!!
+info here: link
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