California and a Texas on wheels. dingding.

San Francisco is a game away from winning the world series. It’s crazy.
They’ve got the whole city painted orange and with black beards everywhere. And the won last night’s game, not to mention that pitcher is my brother’s age. Insane.

Last Saturday, the Ratta, the calitexican and I met up to chill out in North Beach for some beers and baseball. No skinny dot-comers, no snobby food, just beers, slices from Golden Boy, old timers and good times. The Texas Rangers won and la calitexican was happy.

hey batterttertterttertterttertter
hey batterbatter. love the dudes at gino & carlo.
one of the homeruns
high fives bro
get yer tee's!
this dude was selling shirts. get yer hussle on!
festive door
golden line
golden line. PIZZA!!
una happy fan
una happy fan. we were team neutral. or team beer? 🙂
zombie ranger
a zombie ranger!!
ctx tea in the house
tea fix, and off we go.
Furry duo
Found this furry duo. She is cute 🙂 I liked her make-up!

Later that Saturday, I met up with Diana in the Civic Center area, which was lit orange. Ok that is all for now! -m.