Everywhere you turn is black and orange as San Francisco advances to another round in the MLB.

giants win

 The other night when they beat the Braves, I met up with my two peeps at Public and noticed that there was no bike valet at the ballpark, so this brings a question and awareness of lack of racks to just go to Public House (is it open without the games happening? I’m not sure), so we grabbed a beer and parked the bikes within distance.

 a sign of a need-for-racks.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this guy, who is also a big fan of orange skin. (as mi amigo DN, recommends seeing it large…)

 go giants
…like a train crash
frenchie takes a break
Frenchie was so floored at such sighting we had to take a little break by the Bay.
Los Gigantes are back in town on Tuesday so stay posted with traffic/people crowds. and as always watchout for the #1 fan my friend KT around the crowd!
And that is the current state of affairs weekend dose 🙂