Valencia street.

We are young. We run green. Keep our teeth, nice and clean, See our friends, see the sights, feel aaaalright

summer shadows
Boys of summer
Market street. 

He had an electrical motor and was explaining to me that in order to live way up near Twin Peaks it motivated him to have a little help. I thought they were just really stiff panniers…
Well, I know that if I lived up there, my thighs would be burrito-fueled powerful super legs. Damn OK, ride on. =)

electric es eclectic
Polk street.

This guy didn’t pedal for about 3 blocks. I was drinking some much-needed iced coffee at the Peet’s on Polk and saw him riding down from Pacific, past Broadway and on further. No pedaling needed, hand in pocket. And all.

Howard street near 8th.

This young artist and I chatted for a bit. He was very kind to let me take a few pictures of his set-up.
I was thrilled to see a surfing-board bike hook which are so poular around Santa Cruz and beach towns, used to carry canvas on wheels. So nice!!
He is the artist behind the work that is currently going on the Mitchell brothers theatre on O’Farrel. Yea, it’s that kinda theatre but, at least the wild animal murals outside are pretty fun to bike past them. The tenderloin where this theatre is located, could certainly be a wild city jungle.

bike +carry your art
bike +carry your art
bike +carry your art
bike +carry your art
“wel why not, you can carry anything on your  bike” =)
Too bad he got a flat tire, hence the walking.
new mural coming
Later that day I came across the mural at work. This is outside the Mitchell brothers theatre, on Polk/O’Farrel streets.