Frenchie polklands
Looks pretty closed to me. Frenchie on Polk st.

The weather this weekend was gloomy and sunny at the same time. Depends on the neighborhood, you got a full exposure of the science of these multiple microclimate thing we got going on here, to the max. Got to kick it with young parents that my friends are (Ade + James), more bike rides and all the girl crew on Saturday. So, pretty chill weekend in the foggiest city of the bikeyniverse πŸ˜€

TGIF and the F stood for frenchie, food +fogggielicious.
Fine evening at the orbitlands
Fine post-dinner late Friday evening at the orbit room with Ade and James.
Whiskey, live jazz music and a projected B/W film. Good times.
bike dock parking.
On Saturday I went to 3rd annual β™₯Renegade Fair on Saturday for the 3rd time!!!
**awesome** hung out with the girls, met a ton of people – full on roundup coming this week!

bike parking at Ο€
Saturday evening dinner with friends.
This bike rack we all love, at Ο€ pizza on Valencia near 26th fits here 5 bikes, and had room for more.amnesia 7/31
amnesia 7/31
After the pizza, stopped at Amnesia for some post-pizza spirits.
Live music is always a pleasant surprise, it wasso much fun.
This band rocked, I wrote their name somewhere. Her voice is badass.
*UPDATE*: Band name is definitely Con Brio [thanks ChasingTheMoon]

peach+ginger+heartThen on Sunday, the annual craving for peach ginger cornmeal pancakes meliradar went off.
So ratta + i took care of that at Kate’s Kitchen in the Lower Haight.
I got to flirt with the waitress +we got a big heart on the check. awesome.

– – – – – – – –
+that is how the weekend went down
β™₯!!! xxo/meli