Hola everybody.
With a big smile in my face I thank all of you, powerful local women for sharing your stories, experiences and fun tips that shared with us all and participated for our Women Who Bike Series collaboration alongside local blog BikeNOPA + to all of you that dedicated sometime to comment, and stopped by.
Inspirational and with their own voice, they have left a dose of good energy and good vibes through their profiles, it has been great to be able to feature you, my beautiful women.
Michael from bikeNOPA and Iplan to get together pretty soon for more coffee meetings that will eventually end up, in who knows – something new! so stay tuned. We gotta show our boys some love, and it has been so much fun to chat, talk about our favorite times and similiar passions with our different perspectives as we continue to learn plenty from each other. 😀
See all the profiles from bikeNOPA here: Women Who Bike | NOPA

See all the 20 women that participated here:

Collab series closure

We are taking a small break from this women collab, but as a personal approach as a woman on wheels, a woman of color, a woman of multiple accents and a woman of curiosity – it is one of my main priorities to not cease to have us represented and exposed as a growing portion of the bicycle community, sustainable commuters and people who bike, and being able to give some exposure via this little blog and that if this helps someone, somewhere to begin biking, begin exploring their city – then that is fantastic.
Thanks all.