hola all.
After the awesome outcome from a very fun and successful cross-blog collaboration with Michael from bikeNOPA (We will have a new series soon, so stay tuned), I did not want to lose the momentum of featuring awesome women that can kick some butt going to the next coffee shop, or going for a century.

As a result of my own curiosity in the last 2 years in longer distance riding –and by no means this dictates that I will be doing 115K every week or something– I decided that every Wednesday, I will feature a rider that has gone the distance for further than say, 30+ or so miles whether is for fun, play, work, commute, camping or a fundraising ride, whatever the reason is. I’d like to know.

There are some questions that me as a city rider, would have when thinking of going long distances. For example an important priority: Where will I get coffee? And touch upon other curiosities such as what to carry, how to carry it and what kind of underwear or sportsbras to wear. Let’s be real. If needed to, where to go pee, say in the middle of Marin or the middle of Colorado.

So, if you or someone you know do long distance riding, bike camping or crazy-why-not rides that are crazy long, let me know.
My first “Woman who bikes the distance” is lined up for next Wednesday and I can’t wait to put her pictures up. Some of her questions will carry on from the collab series (I had a one-time email catastrophy!) and that will kick-off the series.

Ride on my pretties!

Here is a quick set of my peeps, the women who were in the latest ride for the SF Randonneurs this past weekend. I will give much love to the guys, later this week. 115K wasn’t easy, but it was sure lots of fun:

Vivian (photo borrowed from eric)
double panda
wheelright. presente!
♥Ramona. woot woot for mixte badass riders!!

2010 Populaire Brevet
and a very tired me (also borrowed from eric)