If you roam the city in the early mornings and anytime for no reason at all as much as I do, you will get to see the people that really live in the neighborhoods that you perhaps don’t visit much. As an extremely curious being, here are some shots from the Northside of the city: the Marina.

Handy man
Handy man.
Window shopping
calitexican waits for me with the bicis.
window waiting wednesday
window waiting wednesday
dela rosa parking for VIP bikeys.
Delarosa (one of Beretta’s set of sister reastaurants) parking for pasing-by bikeys. hope they get bike racks soon.
speaking of which, the pizza in dela rosa, is pretty damn good.
Coffee and olives before pizza
Coffee and olives before pizza
happy birthday david

This below, is the view from inside the Plant Cafe Organic on Steiner street, formerly known as Lettüs.
Steiner street bicis.
Want the best veggie burger in town?, says I, go here. Worth the trip.
I be rocking them beats
What would you like today?What would you like today?

I have seen beautiful granpas dressed to the nines. Going to a corner liquor shop and spending hours there.
Black/white photo on Greenwhich street, by Julie Michelle /tangobaby