“wow, nice elitist attitude. cycling is a verb, not a fashion statement. LOL that you can’t make a simple 15 mile ride but still find time to cop attitude at people that are dedicated cyclists. comments like this give social cycling a bad name. put your miles in, maybe you’ll get it someday. /sorely disappointed.”
-anonymous, on the latest (almost) weekly butterlap post
*don’t worry – I won’t publish your IP/sudo give me your info address, I no longer hack for a living….

75 miles in Marin in 2009 (about to do it again this weekend…)
Ferns & Conversation
photo by my partner in bikey crimes, Ade – 75 miles SF throughout Marin
July 17th | SF Randonneurs 2010 »

Random 30+miles out in 4 points in Marin as well. Oh wait I’m wearing a dress and sporting freshly removed helmet hair. Oh, I’m such a poser.


And here I am, spitting my guts out. I’m sure this is a fake photo. Riding throughout the steepest hills of San Francisco on a 45lbs steel mixte and a skirt. Which is also happening this weekend, but, I will be doing that mentioned 75 miles ride in Marin.

Happening this Saturday, July 17th | Seven Hills of hell 2010 »

No need to explain my weekly 60+miles a week, really.
Since when cyclists bully other cyclists? Does this happen to you too?
Let’s get along you all.
We all ride on 2 wheels. We are all masters of quickly dodging opening vehicle doors, sinking into potholes that shoot up your wrists, have ears that can take all that daily honking and yelling from the same streets, from the same bike lanes, and are able to deal with random flats.
YYYYouknowwatttt?! ♥Peace and ride on.

+This recently sent by the lovely Dottie behind Let’s Go Ride a Bike! in response to a recent post (The Idiots) on our all women-collab blog Change Your Life, Ride a Bike!


Thanks for the lovely, encouraging comments, my dear anonymous. I’ll make sure to continue my fashionable statement, on and off wheels, and have lots fun while at it, alongside my elitist friends.
I find this quite flattering.

This blog has never been about anything but positive things, and my daily adventures around town.
If you must continue to send your cyber feedback do so, it won’t really change my ways.
& also feel free to send it here: bikesandthecity /at/ gmail
much love.
xxox ♥meligrosa