Her número uno
Diana loves her Gigantes :)!

Last week lady Dee and I went to a ballgame. The once in a blue-moon I go to baseball games in SF, is with my girlfriends. This time we met up by the Bike parking valet and then we sat by the new open space where there is a second location to the Mijita’s restaurant and you can have a drink and some snacks as an alternative to the typical stadium food. This recently redone space with Public House is excellent for people watching, and so we sat around, chatted and did plenty of sightings for a bit. I got to meet one of my fave beer loving-blog readers inside the park, J (+thanks!!)

We had fun but the fanbase was mostly quiet.
(KT + all the girls I have gone with are super fun). We weren’t even cheering much, and we were perhaps the loudest ones around our section. I guess people cheer now via twitter. Who knows, as an A’s fan I think I’m just used to going to see my man Suzuki in the rowdy Oakland coliseum.

We still had our fun though, and I don’t feel like getting any shit for wearing A’s gear so I wore neutral stuff. Before heading home I refueled my caffeinated jets by stopping at the Philz on 3rd and Berry and let the car+pedestrian traffic mellow out.

Remember, bike parking at the ballpark is super cool and for all of you visiting from outside SF, you can also use it. More info here: sfbike website

Two tops
hat y helmet. room for both.
Giants fans are boring
nobody cheered in our row but us!
we dont care we were loud ♥ happy bday diana!
philz on 3rd + Berry st.
Heading home, a quiet Market street.
– – –
Happy Birthday guapa!!! Luv ya ♥