This is just terrible, hope the cyclists are doing OK, and if anyone has more info please do share. This hits my heart close as at the exact time our butterlap was wrapping up, in the Mission district as well. WTF WTF WTF 🙁
Tip hat to William C.

From cbs5:
SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) ―Four bicyclists were injured in what appears to be a hit-and-run rampage in San Francisco’s Mission and Potrero Hill neighborhoods Wednesday night, a police spokeswoman said.
San Francisco police Lt. Lyn Tomioka said it appears a man targeted the bicyclists at four different locations.
“There were four victims and all were believed to be on bicycles,” Tomioka said. She said three were taken to the hospital and a fourth was treated at the scene.

All the victims are expected to survive, Tomioka said.
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