North frenchielands
North frenchielands.
The Frenchie on Washington square May, 2010

When was the last time you went to North Beach or anywhere near the north of the city? I have a tremendous case of the wanderlusting rides, so even if it means riding 20+ minutes, often times I will take the longer route and loop around from Hayes Valley, to the Panhandle and then thru Pac Heights to end up in North Beach for happy hour in the middle of the week. Sounds crazy, but our city to be about 7 miles square, often so square, that so frequently I hear my peers say that they don’t get out and explore the outside lands of their neighborhoods and districts or they usual route.

hola cristobal
On Columbus
stockton lane adventures
With the peeps last Sunday, on Stockton.

Show me some curiosity and let me know if you have taken a different route recently, doesn’t have to be long miles or crazy hilly distances. All it takes is making an intentional unusual turn and then you will see you will possibly encounter something interesting and rather new.

Next ‘unpopular‘ neighborhood: who knows? stay tuned.

North beach
find your rosebud
jurassic talk
“yo, t-rex we are running hella late – please dont get upset…”