so prettyyyyyy
so prettyyyyyy

This set is from when I realized my camera was really not good. Meaning the lens almost fell off… je jee. That much missed camera should be back from repair soon. Well enjoy the set, and more than likely, see you tonite. Weather should be fantastic!!

start. “who are we waiting for? lets go!” -mark
Ian, lee, moi, stephen
Ian, Lee, moi, Stephen
Ian tells me I’m horrible, because I’ve influenced him to go up hills and that it sucks.
Ja jaaa, I hear you talking, but all I see you is smiling – whatever you!!!!
suuuuup. 1st butterlap. Fabulous!!
game face on
game face on. boys ready to cruise race.
still light out!
into Golden Gate Park.
from across the street.
That would be the ocean behind us. Pacific moist facial salt beautifier, comes free of charge.

Butterlap is about 15-18 miles. Lots of hills. All types of rideres. Co-ed. No pressure. Multiple districts in the city. Much fun. Even 2-3 speeds can do it, see my friend’s Ade’s post and her fancy new camera snaps [link»] and here are some by LMG (set»)
Takes about 2hrs, if not less, to complete.
+beautiful fog y sunsets ♥!!!

♥ Butterlap | Meets every Wednesday night 7PM Ferry Bldg. Previous map/post here»