fire in the sky
fire in the sky

Butterlap tonight. I love the rain, but it would be great if it didn’t rain tomorrow. The weather when it isn’t raining has been super nice. Muggy almost with very bright sunsets. As you can see, sunsets can *almost* be caught when we reach the legion of honor, which is 8mi into the ride. Good stuff. Good peeps. Good weather – Come join us!

mike sunsetlands
red bike y red tights
you can bring fast bikes, you can bring basket bikes.
all are welcome.
yo meli. yo david
up the hill
up the hill. this is directly behind the warming hut in crissy field
Nio helps the flat chorro from happening
flat happens. Nio helps the flat chorro from happening
karen + the frenchie
karen + the frenchie
moonlight ocean beach
moonlight ocean beach. Kelley and Matt and other buttercups.
pitch black
pitch black. riding on JFK, smooth as a baby’s bottom. so rad.
bday whiskey shot no.2
last week was Matt bday and we gave him a little something. “gaaaah”
happy birthday Matt!!
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