Over the last few years the number of women that I have seen on the bike lane, met, and befriended continues to increase. Earlier this week, I took along with a few of my friends, a survey by The Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (www.apbp.org).
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One of my favorite questions, there were several answers, was:

Why do you use a bicycle?
☐It’s the best part of my day

Back in Spring 2009, I submitted a short questionnaire that eventually got printed in the Summer 09 issue of Momentum, I think I forgot to post it here, but you can find it below, in which I thought about their last question and said:
[From: Real Life on a Bike -Meli
Anything else you’d like to add?
My bike is my shrink, best friend,

conversation starter, mood enhancer, and gym.
All in one, every day.

Which I think, links directly to many of the questions in the survey. I really get in a foul mood if I don’t ride my bicycle for over a day. And I’m serious. Sure there are obstacles and excuses if you must. Hills and traffic are a sometimes a bitch to get over somedays, but well. You just get over them.

Here in San Francisco we got tremendous hills, and tremendous bike theft. Those two alone hold back many of my girlfriends (non-bikers) from biking and using their bikes for commuting.
Also, they are lazy. It is true. And fact is, takes quite the energy to put up with the rhythm this fine city has to offer. I have done the route that takes one of them to get to work. She says it takes 55 minutes, because, you know, the bus might running late. DONE-Lady, I have done that route from your house to your work, at my slow speed. You WILL be there in 25 minutes. But I suppose she likes being inside the bus for 2 hours twice a day. Oh well.

My thoughts about women and cycling, here in San Francisco have always been optimistic. When I really wanted to meet a ton of people on bikes when i was in school, I met some women, but mostly guys. The fixie craze was going strong and it was just too much for me to handle. I always thought the bicycle community was quite intimidating and it wasn’t until I finished school that I really had the time to mingle and roam around even further. Riding to work everyday, volunteering often with the SFBC, joining rides Etc. became the real exposure to the bicycle community, and along were women. Then came the blogesphere, and I met even more. *Ade recently wrote a post along with a charming photo, meet some of us here»

So my women, get more of your girlfriends to ride. I have even given a free bicycle to one of them, and don’t think she has used it yet. The intent is there. Yet I meet more and more everyday from the bikelane that find the will, the curiosity and the inspiration they need from all over the place. It is really great.

With that, I link this article one of my fave women on wheels in Seattle, RJ, let me know about:

Women find liberation on two wheels by Laura McCamy

And also, two shots of parents that are doing their part to build a bright future, with their daughters on bicycles. I am lucky to know them because they inspire me, and it really is a happy feeling when you encounter them around in San Francisco:

Like mom, like daughter.
Ade and Úna | Like mom, like daughter.
Bike lane futurama.
Adam and his daughters |
Bike lane futurama.