March has begun. That means two things. March madness and ESPN. Basketball. I love watching college basketball.
Speaking of which. This marks the 9th anniv. of my ACL knee surgery in 2001. I used to play college ball – fast forward 9 years and here we are. November last year, went to a concert and acted as if I was 18 (and totally worth it) and the knee acted as if it was 65.
It aint always pretty. meet my right knee. Nvember 2009 was all about -ice ice baby- days.
So, for the last 3 months I made a point to take it ‘easy’ meaning instead of running around the city all day everyday on my bicycle, I cut back to every other day and gave in to ride muni occasionally and/or walk steep hills (which are quite abundant around here, right). Last month, after many weeks of taking it easy, it came together and the knee was not an issue anymore.
It took a lot of patience to learn to step back and take a ride offer from a friend, cab or bus from time to time. Damn, I’m way too used to my bicycle but my knee came first and I’m glad that period of time is done.

I’m happy to announce that period is over.

butter legs
butter legs

Anyways. Last Wednesday marked my 3rd butterlap (a 18mi. weekly ride) this year and that silly knee feels great, being in shape is another story, but easy does it. It’s quite a hard loop after takin a break. Mellow and fun. Over the last 2 years, butterlap has built my confidence as a rider because it is not a rushed ride and the people and peeps that ride it, are super.

Thought I’d share because going through that surgery when I was a teenager was pretty tough. There could be more physically challenging scenarios, this I know, but having an injured knee is a huge pain in the ass.
Do you have past injuries that come back to you from time to time? Fortunately it has only been twice in 9 years that I experience massive discomfort. My knee is something I respect plenty and I’m glad it’s back to feeling normal. Because it is the Frenchie’s power clutch πŸ˜‰

because you're mine. i ride the line
because you’re mine. i ride the line | This past Friday – dressed for the man in black’s bday
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β™₯ Cheers to healthy legs!! -m.