Fifi and I have followed each others blogs for internet-ages now. Her drawings, travels and interpretations of city and traveling scenes jump out of the screen within their drawing and painting forms and embrace you into a story, a tale. She often accompanies a photograph with her drawings, but the latter is so much more round, much more lively.

This is a tremendous THANK YOU! to my lady fifi from
She absolutely surprised me with two adorable drawings she has just featured and this has become the first ever to have had the honor to have art and creative pieces made from photos of my beloved Frenchie, my bicycle, presented here in this blog (one has been my user icon for years, and the other is from a recent post)

Oh my, am I smiling – this is wicked cool!
♥merci beaucoup!!

Check them out here:
Frenchie Travels»

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Visit her etsy shop: fifi flowers shop