Les lovelies.
Les lovelies.

I have seen this bike around the city many times, and always thought –that bike and my frenchie are so made for each other— I do not know who the owenr is (yet) but well, apparently the very tall he/she likes coffee too, because this was a stone throw away from Four Barrel. Good taste mate, good taste 😉

Frenchie's boyfriend.
Frenchie’s boyfriend.

*tip/hat to Jason, who showed the link to the person that actually built the bike//
Through the flickerland, J.Muir from Santa Cruz has this picture below showing Frances buiilding details:

As it turns out, J.Muir is the frame builder behind Frances Cycles, based out of Santa Cruz, and has built beautifuullllllll creatures such as this yellow mixte below. Oh my…

Anyways, couldn’t help myself but to share immediately a good dose of eye candy.

If those frames ever had offspring it’d be the an absolute gorgeous glittery blue tricycle…
Frenchie et Frances. Qué cute.

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♥ Ah, the beautiful things roaming the small San Francisco bikeneverse!! ♥