Sometime around 1997, a girlfriend and I had ditched school and went to the record store. On one of days (ok, this happened often) I bought some music I don’t recall now, local zines & 2 magazines starting with the letter B, I had never seen before. BUST and Bitch. I remember reading this article on PJ Harvey and 10,000 maniacs and of course some very cool stuff to read for when I got grounded. Both magazines have evolved and I am happy to see both of them around and not gone. Very cool

So, now I’m going to shamelessly let you know I’m in a magazine. It’s BUST.
The beloved Frenchie – the motobecane astra that has become the vehicle and my shrink of confidence everyday– this steel beauty, gets some love. yay!

Picture 57
February/March 2010 issue posted at
and this is a photo of the page by my friend eric πŸ™‚
meli in bust magazine

Many gracias to the fabulous lady behind bits and bobbins and creator of the wonderful Wardrobe Remix, Tricia Royal. I was pretty flattered when she contacted me about this and also I think is super rad that the beautiful America Ferrera is on the cover & those hearts!!!!

We had fun doing the shoot. The photo was taken in Alamo square (you know, those postcard houses) and it even though it looks quite dry when the sun even came out for a bit, then we got some freak flash rain, crazy. Thought I’d share

Lucy, the photographer. Very cool lady.

What makes me happy is the exposure of the bike, the cities we live in and that being dressed ‘normal’ and a woman is no longer that rare. We don’t need crazy get-ups (cute shoes are not consider crazy! he hee), fancy gadgets or man-lead long distance groups, to be part of the bicycle culture. We are here, and we are ready to ride, with our normal clothes and our happy faces. We move forward, sometimes make friends along the way β€ΉI have met amazing women that are now best of friendsβ€Ί, discover new places in town, enjoy the great smells from the bike lane (ok in SF, often not-so-great at all), climb hills, fall, bleed, sweat, learn to dodge doors and learn everyday that really it is not hard, to move around with your bicycle.
And dress up? sure why not! give it a try πŸ˜€

Velcro approves
and my wicked cat Velcro approves.

– – – –
Gracias Lucy, Tricia y BUST – and all of you.
β™₯ much love / meligrosa β™₯