Here are some nice fun reads I have added to my reader. ♥Ride on!

Local artist and mastermind behind Hughe Illustration (I’m a huge proud and proud owner of 2 of his shirts), bike local cool cat Hughe started the Critical Mass The Blog, now make sure you visit it 😀

My flickr buddy Generik and other cool photo hogs started a collab, is not about bikes, but they sure get around the city those wanderlusters: Pixels at Exhibition

In the Marin area, the best open roads, a super sweet bicycle and beautiful scenery
The Friday Cyclotouriste

Damn gurl. you go. Ms Bitchcakes

Zora started her blog up in the Canadalands “Discover the world by bicyle. Travel light.” Cycling Citizen

Dickdavid from Suburban Assault, is also contributing for: Bike Friendly Richardson. Awesome!!
Forth Worth knows how to roam on two wheels: Doohickie
And from Irving TX ,my favorite bearded man on a bike: “A blog for my rants about bicycling” Green Comotion