The bike limbo.

The bike limbo.

The bike light limbo: What you see above + everybody in the ride riding under it = tons of fun.

My fave bike lights for this year’s xmas lite ride, were the versatile sets by new bikey peeps Volker. Here he is striking a pose in St. Francis Wood, before he got all experimental (or maybe he had already masterplanned it)


He bought the lights at a local hardware store and kept the wiring and batteries inside his Hambone bag, a local fave made by my girl Lisa Marie, a mutual friend of ours 😀

[flickr video=4210695192 secret=0da2e47e74 w=400 h=300]

Riding on lexington st.
Riding on lexington st.
Blurry but you can still see the big smiles. weeeeeeeee

Here we are on Valencia and 18th:


and what came out of that shot:

Bike limbo on the go on Valencia st.

Bike limbo on the go -Valencia street.
– – – – –
Good times.