bicis by the window

I was down in LA for a new york minute awhile back. People always talk smack about Los Angeles up here in Northern California, but I really like it. Angelinos have always been good peeps and visiting has always been fun. Maybe is a sports thing? I dont know, it is my home state and I love every aspect of it, north or south. Los Awesome, comes from this billboard I saw from the freeway. It made me laugh!

bici on the wall

I came across many, many bikes. These were mostly taken around the sunset blvd. when I made some time to walk around and get some food and coffee. In Silverlake I fell in love with intelligentsia. Seems like it’s the place to be. I had some iced americanos and drank them as if they were pure water. Repeat and rinse, there was a ‘small’ heatwave that seemed pretty much piping hot for my fog loving skin.

lovely. inside intelligentsia


work in progress

signs of love. frenchie special?! that’s awesome!

& a caffeinated walking troll. pixel me pixie
//’til next EL LAAAYY .xoβ™₯meli