Last Mission-Sunday streets was all about California girl power, well this time, I gotta show some love to my cute boys on the streets. For sure. Good riding, now if you all had coffee to hand out, that would be pure utopia. Anyways, back to reality, enjoy my boy-set. Or men-set. Whatever, I like them all.

Say Hi to Allan. Hey hot stuff. Actually his stuff is cool. that fancy bag is an ice-chest in disguise…

As if bikes are not an automatic super bonus point, these guys also have their super cute companion to go enjoy the car-free streets. Smart, very smart.

I met Cpt. Kirk last year also riding bikes. And he has been around the blog a couple of times. His smile is great, and his energy fantastic. Nice seeing you again!!

Simple and effortless sun fun.

He has also been in BATC before, hey & you know you’ll be reading this. Sooooo, next time, say hi and let me ride your cool orange ride.
Those batavus are sure serious comfy fun.

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