sidi dorks.

Today was blazing hot. (Okay for us spoiled californians in the north, that means low 80s, I know-I know!…) but at least there was a cool breeze. Joined up with Stephen and his friend Eileen to go for a loop around Marin. Initially we had other plans, but a sequence of funny events and other things landed us back in the crissy field area, and so we just decided to head on over to Marin. Mid-ride, we had some coffee, snacks, I ran into a couple of good friends, and returned home sweaty & happy. The smurfette felt smooth as butter. Our ride was about 38-40 miles and it didn’t really feel that bad. Okay, maybe a little on the hills… arrrrrrr.

sunday heat cycle wear.

ketchup y mustard.

Eileen stretching.

snotty blah blah blah /taken by Stephen.

fear no gear. this is my low gear, suckers.