the bat and the frenchie.

Riding a bicycle has changed my life. The way I see things, the way my brain digest things and so many ideas and thoughts have come up while riding my bicycle. The internet has connected me not only globally but locally.
As you know the collab-blog CYLRABby Adrienne & I is about personal stories and photos about how riding a bike has changed your life. Today it got a little mention over at CopenhagenCycleChic ,so I wrote a little note you can check out here: [Change Your Life. Ride a Bike!: The change is universal. From San Francisco, we welcome you.] So thanks for the mention, CCC/Mikael, and for you if you have linked here from there.
To all the daily readers that stop to see my silly little caffeinated adventures around this beautiful city. and all things bike around me. rides. my peeps. and for feeding each other inspiration, comments, links etc/ all of you. ♥thanks.

This week Bikes And The City—turns ONE!! talk about change. It has been nothing but fun, rides, new peeps and good times. But more on that throughout the week. To begin this week, below are some shots that Adrienne has taken of me. She shoots a gazillion pictures a day.

(Dusty & I) goofy SF bike people by busbozo

meli & frenchie | still thinking about wicked by busbozo

Robin Finds Meli On The Bat by busbozo

‘ve taken a many shots of Adrienne, (labeled busbozo) so she can no longer say she has no pictures of her riding 😉 And below, one I snapped riding through Golden Gate Park. Adrienne, Declan and in green, KT (from VeloVogue).