-De La Caffeinated-

Happy Wednesday, again. I’ll probably be drinking a whole french-press pot a to myself before 8AM today. Thought I’d like to share my latest half-pound of heaven. Throughout this blog I have probably posted a gazillion of coffee shops and my caffeine addiction is well known. We are very lucky here in the Bay Area to have access to wonderful local coffee companies and I can’t say that enough. I found out about De La Paz by randomly walking into a local market about 2 years ago. It can now be found in many local coffee shops, including (above) Trouble’s Elbow Grease. Yum.
Did I mention they do all their deliveries by bicycle?! Good thing I haven’t cross paths with the delivery coffee bike because, the cargo will be going in my basket. OKAY, don’t say I didn’t warn you De La Paz!!! xo/meligrosa