I love this photo!

Kicking it with Busbozo in the Hayes/Octavia street. Caffeinated session with comfy bikes, big sunglasses and cute shoes. The weather looks very nice in pictures, but the winds were getting pretty brutal. We sat in the shade, and it was under 50°!! (The Batavus has a temperature gadget. Cool)

Post Quad Latte. Yeah. It’s mid-Friday

Glove love.
Double trouble comes in double green and orange.

The gals that took this picture were heading to the Golden Gate Park & the DeYoung Museum. Makes it very nice to find out what people are up to or where they are visiting from, with a simple hello or taking pictures. We have no problem initiating conversations with people. Is that a bicycle caffeinated trade?

Simple and very fashionable. Aren’t those trousers great?
ciao. adios /’Til next time!