Do you tweet?
Most the time I dont even know where my cell phone is so, go figure. It has been months that buddies have asked me (and a few recent emails) to get into the twit-mode. Is that what the cool kids are doing?
Here is me: @meligrosa

This comes a few minutes after I had just read that twittering is as cool as blue velvet ‹LaughingSquid|David Lynch Confirms Twitter Account›

In the meantime, here is a gorgeous photo with an interesting article. H/T:Ratta

I Tweet, Therefore I Am
By Owen Thomas
‟Why do people Tweet? Even the company’s CEO,
Ev Williams | @ev can’t answer that question. Perhaps he
is embarrassed by the true reason: We Twitter to
reassure ourselves that we are alive.
But the narcissism of today’s overcommunicators transcends
one little startup, and goes far beyond the makers of media…

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