Early mornings during holiday breaks are the best to find city streets pretty mellow and quite light in car-traffic. To start the year off, here are some my 3 favorites -caffeinated shots, boys & bikes.

Toasty bike / Washington st Clay st.

Cable guy / Post st.

Mellow Yellow / 8th st.

iHeadache 2.0 / Four Barrel Coffee

Above and below, taken @the Coffee Bar, same place from the recent post, Caffeinated Sky photo.

Since their opening, the Coffee bar has had pretty good coffee on a regular basis.
hey use local Mr.Espresso beans, which is used in many, many coffee houses and restaurants throughout the city.This last time it was different, super-good different. Young nice lady informed me that they had changed their grinding method a bit. Plus I think she is great at what she does 🙂