Per your request. It is a great conversation starter, my favorite method of transportation and obviously we are attached at the hip. I have no exact name, year, make for each and every component, but I love every inch of this steel beauty, so here is a set of pictures. Feel free to get technical, if you must.

December 2006

Le info: This bicycle was passed on from relatives. They told me in the old-school-of-thought “Oh aren’t you into bicycles? Get that bike some purpose, it’s just sitting there.” I was certainly flattered.
Purchased in San Francisco in the 70’s along with a matching blue male Peugeot bicycle (stolen in the 90’s). The photo above is how I found her. Replaced parts are the tires, inner tubes, brake pads and brake cables. Additions: Initial tune-up & tlc by a dear friend at Lombardi’s sometime ago, basket from American Cyclery and most recently, fenders from Box Dog Bikes.
The rear release knobs were replaced for new bolts. The rest of the components are original and in incredible shape. The rear & front derailleurs are by Huret. It is made in France, Motobecane Astra with Tour de France decals. All 10 gears work, the bell rings old school and the saddle is smooth as butter.
Funny fact is that blue is not a favorite color but it has grown on me (both my bikes are blue & white). And yes I got the blue flats just because they matched… Enjoy!

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