I might be the only person that does not like chocolate. At all. Rarely I give it a shot, without a doubt when there is coffee in the mix. Had a chance this weekend to check out TCHO on Embarcadero, lady informed me that the factory (?) was next door, not sure she was on the phone kind of, so I just browsed around. Cute little place (tiny!!) with many possible little gifts and blue bottle coffee while you decide. Lovely. TCHO Pier 17, San Francisco.

I’m in no means a chocolate expert at all, but SF has lots choco love. โ€นSome ran privately, some partially owned by bigger names – I’m uncertain how the biz rolls & most definetely, do not intend to compare one to anotherโ€บ but here is a small list of what quickly comes to mind, or/and I’ve gifted from time to time ๐Ÿ˜‰
CocoaBella The times that I have been there, their espresso drinks are very-strong goodiness.
Poco Dolce / Recchiuti / Charles Chocolate / Guittard Chocolate Company /
The San Francisco Chocolate Factory / Scharffen Berger / Ghirardelli /