I’ve been going here and there to Pedal Revolution for years. Located in la Mission neighborhood, not only do they have a crazy colorful prism of accessories to go with your pimped ride, but their social mission and outreach program to the youth is great. Cool cats.

Colorful San Francisco’s local-made Chrome bags flood the shop with color,
and I was happy to also see a good selection of Banjo Brothers bags

coffee. hells yes.

– – – – – – – –

Speaking of los Chrome bags, I hadn’t been to the Chrome
website in ages (that is pre-women in their pictures, ca.2004??)
Now they got a good set of photos rolling, even a few shots
around the hilly Marin Headlands! & they also got a spanking
new location on 4th (near Brannan). Go Chrome-nittes!!!

Oh, Hi Ron!