I have been a reader of ZYZZYVA the journal of west writers & artists for awhile. Always nice
to see good work by unknown writers and new talent given some good exposure.
Operated locally, this literary magazine publishes 3x a year and it makes me happy when it
finally arrives in my mailbox. And, this issue (#83) included a bicycle drawing by Ethan Murrow. Nice!

From their zizipediaArt: We take seriously our mandate to showcase the work of West Coast writers and artists,
reproducing 30 or so images in each issue, an on-going survey of recent drawing, printmaking, and photography.”

A Beautiful View of the dust market as wealthy miner Thatcher Rohnald arrives with her train, 2007
by Ethan Murrow. Graphite. 74in x 74 in.

(Scanned image from my fall2008/issue#83, but visit ‹Ethan Murrow’s› website for more of his work.)