meligrosa by Richie

2009 drinking ritual coffee at flora grubb / foto by mi friend richie

hola this is meli and I drink a lot of coffee.
 ×  Bikes and The City is an established San Francisco blog, with a then-2008 catchy fun line: bikes, boys y coffee.

 ×  A perpetually curious designer, this blog became an outlet full of lighthearted tales which chronicled bicycle stories, advocacy, events, the community, women on wheels, coffee. As of 2015, the pace has slowed down from its beginnings, becoming somewhat of visual journal.

It’s been a tremendous joy to meet great people online and in person, locally and internationally —a batch of them have become great friends.

My life came to a halt after an extremely difficult loss in 2011. There are no words to describe the hole and impact that the beautiful human my brother was, has left within all that knew him. I was away/far from interested in all internet-related anything for quite sometime. Years.

Slowly, somehow, here we are. Sharing various forms of my creative art has helped a bit, and I’m starting to enjoy it again. I hope you do too.

 ×  An independent labor of love, sponsor/ad-free.

Selected works, published:
UrbanVelo, Momentum magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, Anthology magazine

Collaboration, series and/or fun stuff with these rock stars:
ArtCrank®, Change Your Life Ride a Bike, VeloVogue, The Spinster (imdb, 2014), Fashioni.st, Let’s Go Ride a Bike!, iBikeNopa, SF Bicycle Coalition, SF Bike Party, SF Bike Expo, PedalSavvy, and more.

Have a good one,
M E L I.

 ×  2015 cameras: Nexus 5, Lumix LX5 

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