hello and thank you for reading this short photo postcard.
instead of asking if anyone reads blogs anymore, I’d like to thank you for landing here.
we are here, the present, this july, this 2019 y this blog should turn 11, same age as my sweet kitty cat.

a monday morning en san francisco at cento coffee

instead it feels like I have gone through a few life changes and yet navigated a sea of serenity whether it was necessary for mental health survival or absolutely needed to stay afloat. i decided to leave my big comfy corporate job a bit ago, a privilege to do so, and take a step to work closer to home. i am fortunate to have not done it alone, and who can without solid professional networks, talented friends with various career skills and career advice, sincere kindness, words of encouragement or a quick message reply to say hi, or not, meant the world.
open to ongoing changes, and grateful.

love, meli