a day before the fourth of july break, 9 years ago, i rode home from mi first solid and cool graphic design job at a small lovely studio in west berkeley –a bit before the 2008 recession hit it goodbye. i thought about starting mi own blog while riding mi bike after lunch near the pixar studios, had a slice or two of pizza at the arizmendi in emeryville.

flickr was still a thing. the bike blogesphere was in full swing and flooding inspiration, i wanted to add mi own perspective with coffee adventures and observations.

this site’s dense period lives in the archives between 2008-2010 [ year list lower right ➷ ] and many great friendships were born from that period, and still going. many people i have met in real life, made lots of cyber friends … that’s just so cool.

somehow here i am still. i would like to write more, this is a healthy hobby, and allow its growth, and mine. these days i walk mostly.
slowly taking the sharp turns, absorbing life’s high and lows. trying.
so it goes.


gracias  ×  meli.


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